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Dmach blood collection monitor (dMIX) is our modern blood collection monitor serving the special needs of mobile blood donations. As a light weight device with outstanding long battery life, it is devel- oped to take a predefined blood donation and mix the product in a three-dimensional way. For quali- ty guarantee, Dmach blood collection monitors the entire blood donation and registers all significant events that may occur during the process.


•Good choice for field applications (battery driven - optional)
•8 hours of independent work, more than 50 donations autonomy
•3-dimensional mixing during blood donation
•TFT touch screen 480x272 dots, 16-BIT 65,536 colors. Maximum and minimum flow detection ensures good quality of the product
•Visual indication of error / warning /donation status
•Radio connection for data transfer
•USB plug for data collection – standard
•Powerful PC software ERYSYS for configuration of the device, data collection and analysis (option)


•Small size, lightweight
•Designed for mobile use
•Increased efficiency with all experience from dMIX
•Changeable battery system,
no 220V/110V necessary (optional) External or internal charging possible Easy to clean and maintain
•Designed for long life use
•Bi-directional communication
(option with full software ERYSYS)
•In conjunction with dMIX you can make 2 in 1 device, tube sealer and blood mixer (optional)

technical data

Power supply 19V DC Battery supply 14,4V Li-ion Power consuption standby: 80 mA;
during donation: 450 mA Battery capacity 3100/3400 mAh or higher Battery charging time 4 h
Surrounding temperature 10-40 °C
Humidity 20 % - 90 % non-cond Device dimensions (with Bag tray(L x W x H) 320 x 240 x 215 mm Weight without battery 3,55 kg