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We Offers Best Product



●Sophisticated motor driven blood separator
●Two independent separation places in one device – Saves working space, time and provides best economic benefit
●High quality of separated blood products
●Heavy duty industrial scale separations
●Pediatric bags extraction possibility
●Ergonomic design

Technology information

●Large color Touch screen LCD – clear view and intuitive animated user navigation
●Open system for any kind of blood bag systems by any producer
●Unlimited number of programs fully optimized according to client’s applications
●Distance access over internet – Possibility for remote diagnostics, maintenance, software, programs update and repair worldwide in shortest reaction time in the market.
●Flow regulation for low hemolysis rate
●LAN data transfer
●Separation data management solution – Data download, storage, report and export to Blood bank information system
●SAGM extraction by pressing bag – faster than gravity

Optional add-ons for

●2x Top press for automatic air extraction out of plasma
●2x integrated barcode scanners, or 1x external barcode scanner
●6x automatic valve breakers (3x left and 3x right side) – for all products and adjustable for any blood bag types.
●2x Hanging bag SAGM rods
●2x Splash guard – operator protection against blood spills from broken blood bags and tubes

Standard Features:

● 8x precise balances (4x left side,4x right side ) for all blood products
● 8x self-adjustable sealing clamps (4 left side, 4 right side) with 2x non sealing clamps
● 4 x adaptive optical sensors, on each side, for RBC detection (2x main and 2x safety sensors) – any tube types and any color of plasma and RBC.
● 12 x (6 per side) adjustable HCT detection sensors

● Both separation places are applicable for different combinations, with additional position for extraction of SAGM, and possibility for air extraction from plasma.
● Use of a clear and well-arranged colour touch screen.
● On screen guide mode for low possibility of user errors.
● Safe and ergonomic work processes. Treatment of two bags from one centrifuge basket directly on one device
● LAN data transfer, integrated data storage and management, live process monitoring
●Automatic conversion from grams to milliliters

Precise separation of blood components

● Quick blood separation process and high recovery of thrombocytes
● Precise treatment of all Top/Top and Top/Bottom processes
● CRYO application
● Thrombocytes from Buffy Coat and PRP
● Auto calibrating optical sensors for detecting red cells and plasma
● Precise and durable mechanical system

High Quality Blood Products

● Red cells – low hemolysis achieved by precise flow control
● Plasma – cell free due to the optical sensor system
● Thrombocytes – high recovery
● Perfect for inline filtration application