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We Offers Best Product



• Highest separation quality of the whole blood
• Motor driven press [no compressor needed] save space
• Self-adjustable sealing heads for each tube material or bag system
• LAN transfer, integrated data storage and management, live process monitoring
• Colour touchscreen with intuitive user navigation
• Colour touchscreen with intuitive user navigation
• Flow regulation for low hemolysis rates
• Adaptive optical sensors for all different types of plasma, blood components and tube material
• Automatic pressing of air out of the plasma bag [option]
• Double press for separation of plasma and transfer of additive solution
• Possible separation of bags with inline filters
• Distance diagnosis possible
• Barcode reader [optional]

Precise separation of blood components

Quick blood separation process
High recovery of thrombocytes
Precise treatment of all Top/Top and Top/Bottom processes

CRYO application
Thrombocytes from Buffy Coat and PRP
Adaptive optical sensor system for best possible distinction between red cells and plasma
Precise mechanics for long endurance

Process integration and operation

Program and separation animation available for easy understanding of the process
Conversion of Gramm to Mililiter
Easy connection to the local PC network

High quality blood products

Red cells – low hemolysis achieved by precise flow control
Plasma – cell free due to the optical sensor
Thrombocytes – high recovery
Plasma filtration at the machine possible

Technical Data

Power supply

100-240 V 50/60 Hz single phase AC
Dimensions 551 x 357 x 415 mm
Weight ~31 kg with accessories ~33 kg Balances 2 (3rd optional) N° of sealing heads 5
Sealing time 0,5