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Demophorius Healthcare introduces the new product - dmach mobile tube sealer (gun) which can be used to seal most of standard PVC tubing of blood bags with diameter up to 5.00 mm OD. Simple to use and clean thanks to its easily detachable sealing head. Each seal will appear with a central breaking line to facilitate the snap-apart separation of the two parts. Anti-spark and overheat protection systems avoid damaging to the system and to the tubing. An audio beep together with a dynamic LED panel indicate any problem such as sparks, dirty electrodes and the charge level of the battery. This sealer has a specific use. It is designed for moderate duty cycle being capable to perform on continuous working about 40-50 sealing before overheat. It is a Medical Device with electrical Class of Protection CF: it can be used on tubing with needle still inserted into the vein.